Summer 2017 Updates!

The summer is here and so are the harvests. After a wet and prolonged spring this year the misty meadow fields have finally been filled with a bountiful summer crop.


This has been a great season for cucumbers, squash, and corn. We have also been able to grow and sell some different crops at market this season like spring turnips and kohlrabi. Getting customers to try new vegetables is one of the best parts of farming and selling at farmer markets!

With more produce coming from the fields than ever before we have begun to look into more markets to help share our gardens harvest with the community. While next season I would like to sell at another farmers market and through a small CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, distribution; this year I have settled on one weekend farmstand outside of my family’s home in Norfolk, MA.


Our market schedule from now on will be Fridays at the Norfolk Farmers Market 3 pm – 7pm and Saturdays at our 237 Main St. Farmstand 11 am – 5 pm.

This year our growing techniques have evolved to reduce mechanized tillage in the fields to preserve soil structure and soil life. This has been done by using different techniques like plastic mulch, using tarps to prepare soil, and succession of intercropping. By focusing on the land and the soil it is made of we are investing in the health of the overall farm ecosystem so it will be left better than before.

Overall it has been an amazing year so far and we look forward to keep growing into the late summer and fall and even try and extend the season into the winter. Most importantly we couldn’t keep growing without the support from the local community and all the amazing customers each week!

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